Carlo Mô




Carlo Mô appears with a wall on his back... and without an objective...
But everything changes when he wants to carry everything what he finds in his path, with the weird and only uselessness of storing all because... if less is more... 
How much more it will be?

YOU: You.
GUR: Primary instinct of pleasure and survival, which causes obsession with carrying things on your back.




When the light switches on after sounding a Mahler’s song, Carlo MÔ appears hung, in balance with crutches (without legs) on the stage. (The image, which the audience can see is like a human “M”).
From this image, a travel around his new physical state begins and the research for solutions to any kind of emotional or physical disability (from the imaginary), transforming solutions into brief creations.

It is a physical humor show from a personal view, which characterizes this clown, directed in this occasion by Leandre Ribera. This time, a minimalist scenography, lighting and poetic images attention have helped him to bring reality to imaginary and vice-versa.

One clown.
Two crutches.
Zero legs.




A man leaves on a trip using a guitarcase as a suitcase. This man is Carlo Mô.

On the way he will find with some objects. Some of them real, some of them imaginary, which form part of his emotional trip around his own life.

From the distance and maturity of more than 15 years of experience over different stages, he will relive these and new moments, which made him play and improvise the moment without words.

A travel around his particular and personal way of understanding physical humor.

Carlo Mô said about GESTO ES TODO:
“This show is like trying to pay and finally, is the other person who pays, as meaning: intention is what matters".


Artistic sheet:

Lenght -
Original idea and interpretation - Carlo Mô
Musicians -
Lighting and interactive Technician - Mr. Di
Atrezzo -
Production - Factoría DIMÔ
Poster design -
Photography - Josep Tobella




Aniversaurio 2118, is a physical humor show with a special attention to a retro-futuristic aesthetic. Through the movement, gestures and visual effects, the audience travels to an hypothetical future, where medicine will give us an illusion of youth.

The Loneliness, the illusion, the meeting, the poetry and the desire of surviving the passing the time. A future, where doors work with lasers, but the hinges already creak.

In this show, Carlo Mô offers us an intime physical language and maintains his passionate and emotive essence with a calmness and refined care, due to the passing of the time.


Medicine can extend your life, but not always in good conditions. Perhaps in the future, we will find a way to lengthen our life and to recover our health (although it would be only for a while).

But, what would happen with our mental health if we recover our physical health? How would our relationships be like? Supposing that 50 years is a whole life… How would we be after living three lives? Who would be close to us? 

In this hypothetical future, Carlo Mô makes us travel to 2117, more specifically to his 150th birthday. 

In this physical comedy show, the audience travels across the time (at least until 2117…).

After this… We will see. 

Artistic sheet:

Duration -
Cretion and interpretation - Carlo Mô
Artistic collaborations - (guest artists)
Lighting and Design - Mattia Russo
Scenography - Xavi García.
Production - Factoría DIMÔ
Graphic Design - Daniel Gómez , Gerard Riu
Photography - Begoña Pe, Marina Escofet


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