Who's Carlo Mô?


Carlos Pérez Aznar (Carlo Mô) trained as an actor and later specialised in Clown, a discipline to which he has devoted his career. 

His career over different stages has almost 20 years of experience. During this time, he has set up two companies: Mô-House, in 2000 and Carlo Mô & Mr. Di, in which he has created multiple shows since 2007. Among them it can be highlighted :Teatro de lo infame and aWish. Both of them (in their indoor and street version), have been touring for more than three years around stages in Catalonia and Spain.

At the same time , he has developed a prolific individual career , in which he mixed text with physical humor at first and afterwards he focused mainly on physical humor, until the present. So that he says:"I think I've said everything I had to say".

Iit is worth mentioning among his shows Mal parto me raya (se atormenta una vecina), with more than two years touring around different stages from Barcelona; Festiclown 2005’ winner and finalist in “Café theater circuit of Valencia” ; and El Vaso (que colmó la gota), with which he toured around different stages in Argentina.

He made the leap to big theaters with Colirios de grandeza and later with Don Carlo trageDi (te lo adVerdí Giuseppe) (both plays were premiered at Sala Muntaner in Barcelona).

After Don Carlo (his last show with text ) he continues working on physical comedy in GESTO ES TODO, INTUYYO and huMô(r).

In 2011, together with Jordi Solé Andrés (Mr. Di), he founded La Factoría DiMô . This is his current rehearsal space and Clown school, where he is teaching five groups of students.
In recent years , he is also combining teaching with stage direction of several shows.

His latest artistic proposals are : the play ANIVERSAURIO, in which he continues with his work on gestural humor, oriented to large theaters; and he is creating and developing a new project, directed by Leandre Rivera.

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