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in Good Company



There’s something of you in me and something of me in you.

It is not sure but I sense it.

We only have to get our imperfections to be funny.  

Artistic sheet:

Lenght - 60'
Creation and interpretation - Carlo Mô
Musicians - Carlos Rodenas, El Pricto y Naná Rovira
Lighting and interactive Technician - Mr. Di
Atrezzo - Xavi García
Production - Factoría DIMÔ
Poster design - Pep Carbonell
Photography - Roberto Domingo y Genia Badano

How long can last the sadness in a farewell for a clown? When does a clown say goodbye? Just the time when the coat rack, which doesn’t accept its destiny, allows you to hang your black coat. 


Saying goodbye is always a new beginning.

We always have something of what surrounds us in ourselves...

Show with live music:

FREE JAZZ in Mô’s world: Improvisations , atmospheres, sounds, moans, talking spaces far away from conventional melodies: FREE JAZZ + CARLO MÔ!!!

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